Going Green Just Got Easier

Going Green Just Got Easier

Depend on us for lawn care & large property lawn mowing services in Haymarket, Warrenton and Leesburg, VA

Enjoying a gorgeous front lawn doesn't have to be a hassle. Keep your yard in tiptop shape with lawn care services from Legend Lawn Care. Our team can turn your patchy lawn into a blanket of healthy, green grass.

We provide the following lawn maintenance services:

  • Fertilizing: Nourish your grass with top-quality fertilizer.
  • Mowing: Hire us to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.
  • Aeration Services: Avoid soil compaction with professional aeration services.
  • Seeding/Overseeding Services: We can seed your yard without destroying your grass.

Dealing with a weed problem? We've got you covered. Contact us today to schedule lawn maintenance services in the Haymarket, Warrenton and Leesburg, VA areas. Be sure to ask us about our referral program.

Get a stunning front lawn without lifting a finger

There's no need to search far and wide for lawn care services. When you need help maintaining your yard, call on the professionals at Legend Lawn Care. We have more than 20 years of experience and can whip your lawn into shape right away. Call 540-394-0162 today to speak with a trusted local landscaper.

Trusted Lawn Mowing Services:

  • Professional Mowing
  • Professional Edging
  • Professional String Trimming
  • Professional Blowing

Our team will mow, edge, string trim and blow any excess clippings each time we visit your property. We use blade edger's along sidewalks, walkways, and curbs to create a nice, sharp edge around your lawn. Our equipment is the best on the market and meticulously maintained. Regular weekly mowing is essential to a healthy lawn. Our professional mowing crews know how to mow your grass without damaging turf or mowing too short. Our hot, humid summers here in Virginia mean that mowing heights need to be adjusted. We mow higher during the summer months to help reduce grass stress. Grass blades can take in more nutrients when they have more grass blade to do so. In our area, we have many different types of grasses. Tall Fescue, Bermuda, Zoysia, Kentucky Bluegrass, and many more. When you hire Legend Lawn Care, you can rest easy knowing that we have the knowledge to mow your grass correctly and keep it looking fresh and happy!

Lawn and Landscape Services:

  • Sod Install and Repair
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Overseeding
  • Irrigation and Sprinklers

Aeration - without a doubt one of the most important lawn health procedures you can do. Legend Lawn Care uses professional aeration machines that pull cores from the soil. This allows for nutrients to get deep into the root system and allows your lawn to "breath" by breaking the soil barrier.

Overseeding - helps thicken your existing lawn and fills in bare spots. Here at Legend Lawn Care, we use very high-quality grass seed that is certified for our region. We offer many different types of seed. Warm season grasses like Bermuda, or cool season grasses like Tall Fescue, are all common in our area. Using high-quality seed means that the weed-seed content is 0% and that germination rates are remarkably high. That means your lawn is less likely to produce weeds and virtually every seed that hits your soil will germinate.

Fertilization - Fertilization is the key to green grass. Well, the ingredients in the fertilizer, to be exact, are the key to a healthy green lawn. We use organic fertilizers that are specifically designed to green up your lawn and feed the root system in an eco-friendly, consistent growth-minded fashion.

Sod Install and Repair - Legend Lawn Care can install and maintain new or existing sod. Some lawns may be improperly installed, or some may just need replacement. We have the team to install all varieties of sod. Knowing where grass can grow, is key to any sod installation. Some grasses will not survive in shaded areas, and some do will not survive in full sunlight. Our professional installers know the proper environment for each grass type, and we will be honest about informing you where your grass should be planted.

Irrigation and Sprinklers - When it comes to irrigation, not all systems are created equal. Each landscape has its own unique environment. It is crucial that each zone in your system hydrates the lawn where necessary. If you have a sprinkler head that is not performing, or hitting the right area, that area could suffer from heat stress. You can also water too much. Legend Lawn Care can assess your current system and test and tune each zone to ensure you are getting proper coverage. We can also professionally install new, complete systems.